Want your house to look more spacious? Before going into a detailed explanation, you should know that a small house can actually be decorated to make it look wider! Having a small house with little room will not be a problem. You don’t need to buy a new house, you just need to decorate the room that you think limits the space for you and your family.

Here are some home decorating tips to make it look wider.

Stick the TV on the Wall

Installing a large TV on the sideboard will certainly greatly affect the space for you and your family. Using a side table as a TV base will shrink your space! One solution is to install the TV on the wall in your room. in addition to reducing the use of excessive furniture, of course you will be more comfortable with an interior atmosphere like this. In addition, installing the TV on the wall will be safer because it is out of reach of children. Now! Not only does it add space to move and beautify your room but it is also safe for your family.

Use Sliding Door

Sliding doors are the right choice for the interior or exterior of your room. Sliding doors do not require a large area to open and close. So, don’t worry for those of you who have a narrow room. Use sliding doors for your interior. Besides being comfortable, it also looks luxurious!

Installing Multifunctional Furniture

One of the causes of a very narrow room is to use furniture that only has a single function. For example, installing a table and adjacent to a chest of drawers. Not to mention the chair you use. Yup! This will reduce your wiggle room of course. Now! What if you install a wardrobe that has a folding table and folding chairs. Of course this will look wider and increase your space. especially now that there are home renovation services that have created a multifunctional cupboard or table. These tips will make you more comfortable moving and beautify your room of course.…

The bathroom is a room where we clean ourselves and get rid of body waste. Therefore, the bathroom is vulnerable to the spread of disease if it is not cleaned regularly.

Ideally, the bathroom should be cleaned once a week. The reason is, the bathroom is prone to odors and the floor tends to be slippery.

Here’s an easy way to clean the bathroom easily and cheaply.

1. Clean the dirty and moldy bathroom floor

The bathroom floor generally turns a little brown and looks dirty after several months of not being cleaned. If that’s the case, the easiest way to clean it is to use bleach.

Leave the bleach solution on the tile lines for a day and don’t forget to rinse with water.

2. Cleaning the bathroom toilet

An effective way to clean the toilet is to use a solution of limescale and a special soap. Apply the solution on the problem area evenly. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly until the stain is not visible.

3. Cleaning the bathroom mirror

Stubborn water splashes on the bathroom mirror are a common sight and difficult to clean. The best way to deal with this is to dampen some microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol, dilute it with water, and gently wipe it on a mirror.…

Home is always the most comfortable place to return and rest after doing daily activities. So no wonder people will feel comfortable at home after traveling far.

Therefore, you need a warm and comfortable space and that makes you a calm atmosphere.

Here are some easy tips to make your home feel warm and cozy

1. Wooden furniture

Wood adds a warm and welcoming touch to your home. Incorporate wooden furniture items such as tables or hardwood floors.

2. Lamp

Save that bright white light for the summer. Use warm yellow lights to make your room look cozy with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

So that the effect of lighting can affect your home to look warmer.

3. Carpet

Fluffy rugs are a great way to make your home feel comfortable.

An inexpensive way to add warmth and comfort to your home in an instant can never go wrong.

So, fill your living room with a rug of your choice and see the difference. If rugs aren’t your thing, an alternative can be lots of pillows.…